The nation entity of Imperator
Nations are the best way to take control of the Imperator world. They are usually clusters of towns that band together for extra security, better hierarchical systems, and strength.

Prerequisites to making a nation

There are no requirements to being able to create a nation! All you have to do is type /nation create. However, your nation will be considered a proto-nation until you have at least 3 players in it.

What is a proto-nation?

A proto-nation is simply a nation with many limitations (almost a glorified town). Proto-nations can also be annexed peacefully after the nation grace period is over, unlike real functioning nations.

The grace period

The grace period of a nation lasts for 7 real life days after the date of founding. After that, the nation may attack other nations, can get attacked by other nations, or can be annexed by other nations if it is still a proto-nation.

Nation commands

Here's the full list of commands relating to nations:
  • /nations <name> Gets details on another nation
  • /nation create <name> Creates a nation
  • /nation join <nation-name> Join an existing nation.
  • /nation invite <username> Invite someone to your nation.
  • /nation log View the audit log of the nation
  • /nation deposit Deposit money into the nation bank.
  • /nation withdraw Withdraw money from the nation bank.
  • /nation claim Claim the chunk you are currently standing on.
  • /nation autoclaim Toggle auto-claim on or off.
  • /nation unclaim Unclaim the chunk you are currently standing on.
  • /nation hierarchy <view/edit> View or edit the nation hierarchy. More info in Hierarchies.
  • /nation set
    • ideology Set the official ideology of the nation.
    • color Set the color of the nation as viewed on the Dynmap.
    • joinable If on, anyone can join the nation without an invite. If off, players can only join with an invite.
    • longname Set the long name of the nation (allows spaces)
    • name Set the name of the nation
  • /nation alliances <add/remove> <nation-name> Start or destroy an alliance with a nation.
  • /nation annex <"town"/"nation"> <name> Annex a town or a proto-nation with an expired grace period.
  • /nation disband Disband the nation.
  • /nation leave Leave the nation.
  • /nation exiled
    • list View all exiled players.
    • <name> revoke Revoke an exile of a player.
  • /nation members
    • list Shows all the members in the nation and their roles.
    • <username>
      • assignrole <role-name> Assign a new role to a member of the nation.
      • exile Exile the player from the nation.
      • kick Kick the player from the nation.
  • /nation polls <id> See Polls
  • /nation provinces
    • list View a list of all current provinces in a nation
    • new <name> Create a new province.
    • disband <name> Disband a province with the name <name>.
    • add <province-name> <town-name> Add a town to a province.
    • remove <province-name> <town-name> Remove a town from a province.
    • setgovernor <province-name> <username> Set the governor of a province.
  • /nation term View your current term of your role in the nation.
  • /nation towns
    • list View all towns in the nation and who they are owned by.
    • <name>
      • add <username> Add someone to this town.
      • kick <username> Remove someone from this town.
      • transfer <username> Transfer mayoralty of this town to someone else.
      • disband Disband this town.
      • convertfederal Disbands the town but also converts the chunks owned by the town into federal territory.