Veni vidi vici?
What better way to gain video game block supremacy than waging wars? Here's how battles on Imperator work.

Initiation of the battle

Battles are initiated by a player in a nation with the commander privilege by walking near or on an enemy nation's chunk and typing /battle start. The system then finds the nearest 9 chunks to where the player is standing on and requests confirmation to start the battle. It will look something like this:
Shloopy's about to get owned

The start of the battle

Once the player confirms the battle, it checks to see if any defenders are online. If there is at least one player on the enemy nation currently online, the battle starts right away. If not, the battle starts only after at least one player from each nation is online or after 24 hours pass, whichever comes first.
Once the battle officially begins, block breaking protection lifts on the battle chunks for the attacking nation, however players from the enemy nation will receive Mining Fatigue II whenever inside the battlefield. Neither side is allowed to claim or unclaim chunks for the duration of the battle, however either side can initiate more battles, even simultaneously.

Strength Points

Strength points are given by the amount of plots each nation has at the start of the battle, multiplied by 20. Strength points mainly exist to stop a war from taking too long. When a nation runs out of strength points, they automatically lose the war.

By time

Strength points decrease every 15 minutes by the amount of enemy player's on the battlefield divided by the amount of players from your nation on the battlefield. For example, if there are 3 attackers and 1 defenders on the battlefield chunks, the defenders will lose 3 points every 15 minutes while the attackers will only lose a third of a point.

By kills

Strength points also decrease when someone is killed on the battlefield. If a player from the enemy nation is killed on the battlefield, the enemy nation loses 20% of their strength points. So if the enemy started with 600 strength points, and one of their players were killed on the battlefield, they would have 480 remaining.

The Timer

When the battle starts, a timer automatically starts as well. This allows surrender as well as securing an ending to the battle in a way that isn't too tiresome most of the time.
When players from both sides are on the battlefield, the timer stops and resets. Once there are either no players left on the battlefield or there is only one team on the battlefield, the timer counts down 10 minutes. If at least one player from the absent nations does not appear by 10 minutes, the battle is over.
Important! Being on the battlefield means that the player is on any battle chunk and that there are no blocks on top of the player. If not, they are not considered on the battlefield.
If there are no players on the battlefield or only defenders when the timer runs out, the defense automatically wins, and no chunks are gained by the attackers. If there are only attackers on the battlefield when the timer runs out, the attackers automatically win.

The spoils of war

Nothing is changed at the end of a battle unless the attackers win. If the attackers win, all chunks in the battlefield automatically are converted into federal territory of the attackers. If any towns are completely consumed by the attackers, they are also annexed. If all plots are taken over by the attackers, the entire defending nation is annexed into the attacking nation.
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