The role hierarchy of every nation
Every nation has a role hierarchy that can be customized. When you first create your nation, a default hierarchy is generated for your nation that can be viewed using /nation hierarchy. Here's how it works:

Open the GUI

There's a GUI for the hierarchy that you can use to view and manipulate the hierarchy of your nation. You can view the hierarchy using /nation hierarchy view, and edit it with /nation hierarchy edit.


Every role in a nation has a set of privileges and options. You can view these when you click on a role in the GUI (shown as a tripwire hook). Privileges are basically nation permissions that each role has (you can view all of them and their descriptions here), while options are just various parameters you can set for the role. Here are all of them:
  • Default Role: If toggled, this will be the role players automatically receive when they join the nation or if they lose their preexisting role.
  • Kill For: If someone with a lower position in the hierarchy kills a player with a role that has kill for toggled, they automatically gain the role and the killed player gets transferred to the default role.
  • Term Limit: If enabled, this makes anyone with the role lose it after the given amount of days.
  • Max Players: Only allows a certain amount of players to have this role in the nation.
  • Executive Vote: If enabled, most commands will require the approval of other players in the nation with the same role using polls.
  • Is Electable: This allows users to be elected to this role using elections.

Directories (folders)

Directories are basically folders for roles. This allows you to have a lot of roles in your hierarchy that have the same rank position as the directory itself (e.g. a congress with different roles). So let's say you had a role hierarchy like this:
  • President
  • Congress
    • Senator
    • Representative
  • Jailor
  • Citizen
Both the Senator and Representative would be of equal higher rank than the Jailor and equal lower rank than the President, but the Senator has a higher rank than the Representative. Another cool feature with directories is that directories right next to each other on the hierarchy will have the same rank position!
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