Towns are the building blocks of most nations, but unfortunately do not function very well without being in a nation. To create one, simply execute:
/town create <name>
If you are already part of a nation, the town will be automatically entered into the nation.
Every town has a grace period of 7 days. After this, nations can forcefully annex your town if they walk within a 3-chunk radius of your claims. However, you can still join a nation before the grace period is over by simply accepting an invite.

Town hierarchy

A town's hierarchy is fairly simple: the mayor (who can manage plots and claim new land), and the citizens.

Town commands

  • /towns <name> Gets details on another town.
  • /town create <name> Creates a town.
  • /town join <town-name> Joins an existing town if you have an invite.
  • /town claim Claims the chunk you are standing on for the town.
  • /town autoclaim Toggle auto-claim on or off.
  • /town unclaim Unclaims the chunk you are standing on for the town.
  • /town disband Disbands your town.
  • /town invite <username> Invites a player to your town.
  • /town kick <username> Kicks a player from your town.
  • /town leave Allows you to leave your current town.
  • /town list Shows a list of all current members of your town.
  • /town transfer Transfers mayoralty of the town to someone else.
  • /town set
    • permissions <build/break/interact/purchasable> <everyone/mayoronly/nation/town>
    • name
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